Become a Safer Organization with NBIS Online Driver Training

Become a Safer Organization with NBIS Online Driver Training

OSHA's statistics are a stark reminder of the constancy of on-the-job hazards, particularly in transportation, where driver behavior is often the culprit in violations and accidents. Which is exactly why NBIS has made it part of our mission to empower commercial motor vehicle drivers with expertly crafted online training modules designed to enhance safety and minimize risk on the road.

NBIS's Online Driver Training program specifically addresses these challenges by equipping operators of mobile cranes, heavy haul tractors, and concrete pump trucks with the knowledge to navigate even the most perilous driving scenarios.

But our online driver training program isn’t just a precaution—it’s an integral part of our commitment to operational excellence. It takes just 15 minutes to complete each course, and culminates in an online test that’s offered with flexible 24/7 access. 

Among the many benefits of the program, regular training helps build a robust safety culture, echoing the message that safe driving is not negotiable and a shared responsibility among the entire organization. 

Our online training modules also provide a framework that helps foster a safety-first mindset while protecting your company's financial standing by giving you—upon completion of training— access to deductible discounts and potentially lower insurance premiums. With NBIS, online driver training is a strategic investment that pays off by safeguarding not just your employees, but everyone on the road.

For enrollment or more details, contact NBIS Risk Management at 877-720-RMSS (7677) or email