No Time Like the Present: Leveraging Downtime and Online Training to Build Safety Culture
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No Time Like the Present: Leveraging Downtime and Online Training to Build Safety Culture

Training is always important, but sometimes it’s difficult to fit it in. With stay-at-home orders in place in most of the United States, now’s the time to take advantage of online safety and health training.

It’s not the first time you’ve heard us say it: no matter the economic outlook, training needs to be a key part of your risk management strategy.

Global pandemics notwithstanding, the reality of the American economy is that it’s going to fluctuate. There will be upticks and downturns and even plateaus — which means construction and transport work will be busier or slower, or stay the same. But regardless of the economic forecast and/or reality, you’re only ever as good as your training. To that end, the message you will consistently hear from NBIS is to strive to be safer and more adequately trained.

Now, more than ever, online safety training can be an effective catalyst in promoting a true safety culture. There’s never a wrong time to implement training, and you can never do too much of it—especially since so much of it can now be done online. A situation like the one we’re currently in, where employees of all types and stripes are working remotely and spending even more time at their desks, is an opportunity to continue to cultivate the right safety culture at your company and help your team continue skill-building.

All the More Reason

OSHA requires that training be conducted, documented, and continuous. Unfortunately, many companies are often so busy working that training is done much too briefly—on the fly or in a tool-box talk—and seldom completed in a formal setting. Companies will even skip it altogether, or not invest in it because they feel employees may ultimately choose to leave and it’s not worth the financial risk.

Despite the construction industry being deemed Essential Critical Infrastructure, some companies are experiencing a reduction in the amount of time spent on the job site and an increase in time spent at the desk. Be the type of company that responds with agility to a change in business momentum. Adapt to a shifting current and bolster your training practices by taking advantage of the NBIS bundle of risk-management services.

It’s an inexpensive way to offer your employees access to hundreds of hourlong-or-less safety training titles with 24/7 accessibility from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Add in the detailed tracking and reporting capabilities, and you’ll find that nearly nothing else on the market today compares.

Our comprehensive library offers access to hundreds of various safety titles, from construction to general safety, and easily allows for self-paced training. Perhaps best of all: comprehensive tracking of training results and individual documentation of course completion aid in protecting your company from negligence lawsuits.

We’ll say it again: there’s never been a better time for your company to embrace culture-shaping safety training. And there’s no better place to do it than with NBIS. 

Policyholders can access the full suite of NBIS risk management resources, including online driver, safety, and health trainings, at no cost. Visit or call us at 866-668-6247 to learn more.