Heavy Equipment Dealers Insurance

Intelligent coverage for equipment dealers

When it comes to renting and selling heavy equipment to contractors, NBIS knows your business better than just about anyone else in the country. Our heavy equipment insurance program—which is provided to you with a fierce attention to detail—includes holistic means for controlling your liability risk while simultaneously giving you the insurance coverage and protection you need.

Because we know your industry so well, we can protect you from contractual liabilities through rental ticket, long- and short-term lease, and contract-advisory services. We work with you to ensure your agreements reflect the duties and standards required wherever you operate. As your company grows and evolves, we’re right there with you as your trusted insurance advisor.

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Available Coverages for Heavy Equipment Dealers


Program Highlights

  • All types of heavy contractor’s equipment – from small equipment to large sophisticated lifting equipment (limited availability for scaffolding and inflatables) 
  • No territorial restrictions
  • General Liability coverage addressing unique contractor’s equipment exposures 
  • Multiple retention options – deductible or self-insured retention (SIR)
  • Financial incentives for using NBIS preferred contract language



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