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Whether you’re wondering about the latest in crane operator certifications and responsibilities, what you should be doing to prepare for an OSHA inspection, or the tools you should be using to manage your everyday risk, NBIS’s comprehensive assortment of digital learning opportunities offers a variety of answers.



March 31st, 2021

NBIS Update Risk Management Platform (RMSS) Webinar


NBIS is excited to announce the launch of our new online Risk Management Support System -- the RMSS. Our updated and expanded RMSS offers NBIS insureds 24/7, single sign-in access to a comprehensive training platform with educational opportunities specific to the crane and rigging, concrete pumping, and specialized transportation industries. NBIS insureds can access the same great NBIS resources as before, updated to keep pace with your ever-changing risks.



February 10, 2021

NBIS Partners with Fleet Cost & Care

Join in as Billy Smith introduces new policyholder benefits with Fleet Cost & Care (TM) Fleet Management Software. The Fleet Cost & Care team will review safety and risk mitigation best practices built into FCC’s fleet management software designed to improve risk profiles and instill a safety culture in the workplace.




April 22, 2020

Increased Audit Frequency - Are you ready?

In conjunction with our presentation partner - the SC&RA, this webinar includes Bill Hebron, NBIS Specialized Transportation Program Manager, will present on ‘DOT Audit Readiness’ and cover DOT/FMCSA’s aggressive audits. Overview of a DOT Compliance Review and related factors, Fines and Ratings post review and How mock audits can benefit companies. Bill will review the mock audit process and recommended frequency your company should follow to remain ‘Audit Ready’. Listen in!



May 16, 2019

Transportation Regulatory Update

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Regulations impact every part of your operation, so it’s important to evaluate your Risk Management/Safety Plan against the 2019 regulatory landscape. Gain unique insights into CSA Reform, FMCSA hours-of-service regulations, and listen in as Chris will touch on DOT Drug & Alcohol testing, and the agencies guidance regarding individual states legalizing marijuana. Join in to learn how to mitigate or avoid all these risks impacting your business.



March 20, 2019

Crane Operators Certifications & Responsibilities

Billy Smith will review current Crane Operators Certifications & Responsibilities, recommend best practices and provide guidance from the B30.5 ANSI Standards. Risk Managers, Fleet Managers and Safety Managers should attend.



February 27, 2019

CSA Reform is here, are YOU Ready?

Christopher P. Nelson, NBIS Program Manager
Steven Bryan, EVP SambaSafety Transportation, powered by Vigillo

FMCSA and the National Academies completed their 18 month reform study of the CSA Program in June, 2017, as mandated by Congress. In August 2018, FMCSA announced their intention to adopt the recommended changes and roll out the new CSA Methodology in September 2019. The new methodology changes almost everything you know about CSA.



January 29, 2019

OSHA & the Crane and Rigging Industry: Minimize & Eliminate Exposure During Inspections

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Joseph Doerr - NBIS Crane & Rigging Program Manager

Michael Rubin - Goldberg Segalla Partner

This presentation will address those risks commonly encountered by companies in the crane and rigging industry, as well as the most-frequently cited OSHA standards. Special emphasis will be placed on how to prepare for an OSHA inspection before OSHA ever shows up, an employer’s rights during an inspection (including suggested practices relating to OSHA document demands and interview requests), and other ways to protect your potential exposure – all in a proactive, not reactive, manner.



July 02, 2018

Tower Cranes of North America, Minimizing Contractual Risks

OSHA Update and Minimizing Contractual Risks - Presented by Michael Rubin, partner, Goldberg Segalla & co-presented with Billy Smith, executive vice president - claims and risk management, NBIS



May 22, 2018

NBIS Presents: Key Standards of Care for Crane & Transport Companies

What tools do you use to manage your Crane & Transport business?

Defensive Driving and use the new technology available and also the litigation resulting from the new technology. Protect against law firms coming after the insured for lack of training, no record-keeping, nor use of cameras. Learn how to put your business in a better position with resources like NBIS’ Online Driver Training, Safety & Health online training resources and documentation and lastly - Telematics. All of these are NBIS policyholder benefits.


May 23, 2017

NBIS: Improving Your Bare Rental Agreements

When you rent your equipment without an operator, are you covered in your rental agreement for all that could go wrong? The agreement between you and your customer can be the difference between being properly protected or making you pay for their mistakes.​

Make sure you have the right terms and conditions to protect your business by viewing this session with John Parker and Tyrone Silva of NBIS (NationsBuilders Insurance Services, Inc.). 



June 21, 2016

NBIS: Preventing and Handling Claims in the Construction Market

Listen to NBIS Experts Bill Smith and Art Kirkner explain how to make sure you are in a defensible position before an accident happens. Your clients “in-practice” Risk Management plan determines how ready they, the insurance carrier and ultimately you as the agent are to handle claims when they happen, not “if”…

After decades of writing heavy construction equipment, NBIS has seen it’s fair share of safety plans, risk management plans and accident response protocols.

As you review your clients Risk Management Plans and hopefully the Terms used on their Contracts/Work Tickets, remember - Safety is a Culture not a process or a plan.



March 27, 2016

Do you have the right insurance partner?

Learn more about NBIS' programs and coverage for the Heavy Construction Industries: Crane & Rigging, Specialized Transportation, and Concrete Pumping.

Recently, Jim Jinhong explained the coverages designed for these specialized risks in a webinar produced by Insurance Business America Magazine. Coverage proven by trade association endorsements from  Specialized Carriers & Riggers Association (SC&RA) and the American Concrete Pumping Association (ACPA). 



April 07, 2015

What’s The Risk? What your clients “in-practice” Risk Management Plan says about future claims.

How does each commercial policy react to a claim? Based on the terms and exclusions, claims can escalate for a heavy equipment operator. Learn how each policy reacts in a claim and best practices to provide your clients with the right solution to give them a fighting chance. Agents can apply these best practices to all of your commercial accounts throughout the policy year.