Part 2: Become Less Risky
Concrete Pumping, Crane & Rigging

Part 2: Become Less Risky

On-going safety training

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to risk management and training is that efforts need to be ongoing. Each member of your team should be constantly thinking about risk and how their actions play a role as either proactive or reactive.

If you’re a company owner, you should be looking at your team and asking:

  • Drivers – Are they all up to date on: CDL licensing, training, DQ files and hours of service logs?
  • Crane operators – How recent are: certifications, training, new technology (LMI)
  • Risk manager – Is she focusing on: safety plans, safety meetings, accident/injury prevention checklists, inspection and maintenance records, and technology?

Also, when planning routes for each job—whether hauling a trailer or a mobile crane—you should ask: Will there be an inspection along the way? Is there a CVSA check point? Do I cross state lines where a permit change will force my equipment to find suitable parking for an oversized load?

Many of the most common citations can also be avoided when drivers are properly trained and understand the current rules and regulations—which is exactly why NBIS developed the proactive Online Driver Training Program. The curriculum for this unique program was developed after understanding the most notorious transportation accident-causation factors. Each course takes around 15 minutes to complete and concludes with a test. And best of all, the program is defensible in court in any situation where a claim arises.

NBIS offers policyholders access to an online catalog of safety & health training classes to use with employees. OSHA 10 training is also available to your employees at a reduced rate through the NBIS Online Training Program. Do you have an active training plan? Does your Insurance carrier provide one? Real is question is why not?

Read the next part of this 4 part series on becoming less risky: “Claims Response”. NBIS Policyholders receive many of the benefits in this four part series FREE as part of their Insured Benefit. Not an NBIS Customer? Contact your agent and ask for an NBIS quote. #NBIS #BetterInsurance