NBIS Announces New Training Partnership with ITI
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NBIS Announces New Training Partnership with ITI

On Friday, October 9th, NBIS announced a new partnership with Industrial Training International (ITI) that will expand the risk management resources and training it offers its customers.

We are excited to offer our insureds some of the best risk management resources available. Once the new Risk Management Platform is complete, the training materials, updated RMSS content, programs and services will help our insureds continue to cultivate a culture of safety, while reducing claims and increasing compliance with industry regulations and standards. 

With ITI, we are expanding our ability to provide our customers with invaluable educational resources. As leaders in our respective industries, NBIS and ITI strive for in-depth, comprehensive tools tailored to customers’ needs. This exclusive new partnership means a significant expansion of NBIS’ Risk Management Support System (RMSS) offerings.

Discounted Access to ITI Premium Content for NBIS Insureds

The first platform upgrade is powered by ITI, offering insureds hundreds of learning content titles from ITI and its partners, including the Crosby Group and Liebherr. This expanded library will continue to be a no-cost training solution for NBIS Insureds. And, the upgraded content is available to NBIS Insureds now.

Additionally, NBIS Insureds have access to significant discounts on ITI premium learning solutions. ITI offers a wide variety of premium material pertaining to cranes, rigging, lift planning, rigging engineering, heavy equipment, and specialized transport. Some of the premium content available includes:

  • Live in-person and online courses
  • Online learning
  • VR simulation

To learn more, email RiskManagement@www.nbis.com or call 870.866.RMSS.