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Managing Driver Behavior

For the last twenty years, NBIS has prided itself on providing insured policyholders with broad and unique insurance coverage’s, and the most robust risk-management tools available. For us, everything begins and ends with risk management, which means we’re always looking for new and improved ways to utilize technology to reduce risk, especially the significant risk that comes with over-the-road exposures.

NBIS’s new telematics solution, NBIS Driver Insights, offers a suite of benefits for fleet managers, including: GPS tracking and geo fencing, safe driver behavior monitoring, driver and vehicle analytics, maintenance assistance and tracking

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“In organizations that have implemented telematics, managers have experienced up to a 25 percent reduction in fuel costs, a 30 percent reduction in idle time and a 20 percent increase in fleet utilization. ”  

The benefits of telematics are no longer theoretical – they’re now tried and true and part of the NBIS bundle of risk management services. With the interactive console, the NBIS Fleet Insight program allows fleet managers to better supervise vehicles and drivers, as well as their overall business.

NBIS Fleet Insight program, users can “maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profits.” Which begs the question: What more could you want?

For more information on systems and the NBIS Driver Insights Program, contact a risk management specialist today at 1.877.860.RMSS (7677).