6 Reasons Not All Crane Insurance is Created Equal
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6 Reasons Not All Crane Insurance is Created Equal

At this point in your career—especially if you’ve been in the industry long enough—you’ve likely realized that not all insurance policies are created equal. Indeed, you may have even learned this fact at the worst possible time: after you’ve experienced a claim.

It’s during the claims-adjudication process that many companies discover that they don’t have enough coverage, have gaps in their coverage, or have the wrong type of coverage altogether. These folks are often shocked to realize that they chose the wrong insurance partner—and now they’ll literally have to pay.

It’s a tough lesson to learn and one that often costs a good deal of your organization’s hard-earned money.  

So, in an effort to shed some light on why NBIS is a better choice as your crane insurance provider, here are six reasons that should make you stop and thi

1. We can help save you money on your crane insurance policy. 

We know that saving money is on everyone’s mind, so we do what we can by offering a 50% deductible credit for companies that use our preferred contract language. Industry-specific, risk-transferring language gives you, the policyholder, the best possible fighting chance in the event of a claim. 

The best part? We make it easy for you to implement NBIS-preferred contract language into your written agreements through our Contract Management Program.

2. We provide you access to our exclusive NBIS Contract Management Program

We wrote the book on contract language. Literally. Before we took a good hard look at how crane insurance contracts were written, generic contract language (and the room it left for tons of liability) was the norm. 

Our contract management team reviews your daily rental ticket or long-term contract to make sure that it’s up to date with the state-specific terms and conditions necessary to optimally protect you.  

3. We offer innovative online driver training for mobile equipment operators.

OSHA standards state that training must be documented and continuous. However, compliance is only one reason why training needs to be a top priority. 

Training your team often and in a wide variety of subject areas reduces risk immensely. Plus, we all know there’s often a fair bit of downtime on the jobsite. NBIS can help you put that time to work for your bottom line by allowing your drivers and operators to access our online driver training from their smartphone or tablet. 

4. NBIS industry experts adjudicate your claim. 

Our program leaders and team members helped write ASME B30.5 and books on cranes and derricks. They are members of the ACPA, SC&RA, to name a couple, and regularly present at industry trade shows and events. Our claims team understands your business, industry, and risk because many of NBIS employees have been in your boots. NBIS is even involved in developing industry ANSI standards.

5. We offer access to a comprehensive library of online safety and health courses developed for the crane and rigging industry. 

As an NBIS policyholder, you and your employees can participate in a variety of courses—anytime, anywhere, using a unique login—designed to enhance the safety culture within your organization. 

Courses range in topic and include subjects such as: hand and power tool safety, fall protection, trenching and shoring, crane safety, cargo securement, and many others related to safety in construction environments.

6. We’ve been providing crane insurance for the crane and rigging industry for more than twenty years.  

There’s just no substitute for experience. We’ve been in the business of specialty insurance solutions for crane and rigging, heavy haul, concrete pump, and equipment rental companies for over twenty years. So we’ve seen a thing or two. 

That means we know exactly what it takes to do business in your industry. We know your risks and we can spot your exposures right away. Don’t take a chance on generic insurance solutions. The right insurance policy is just too important.