NBIS Online Driver Trainings Are More Useful Now Than Ever
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NBIS Online Driver Trainings Are More Useful Now Than Ever

As companies and workers grapple with closures and quarantines, working from home, and the range of adjustments we’ve all had to make within what is now the new normal, concerns about productivity, communications, and processes are ever present.

But one activity, particularly for the specialized transportation industry, is worth dialing into while certain projects are in limbo: online training.

To put a finer point on it, NBIS already offers one of the most comprehensive online driver training programs available today. Utilizing proprietary claims data, and designed by some of the country’s foremost transportation experts, the NBIS Online Driver Training Module is specifically formulated for drivers operating mobile cranes, heavy haul tractors, and concrete pump trucks. This comprehensive program targets the most common high-risk driving situations and behaviors, and articulates practical ways to deal with and avoid them.

Check in with OSHA’s ten most frequently cited health and safety violations year over year, and you’ll find that the list doesn’t change all that often. In fact, OSHA admits: “Year after year, our inspectors see thousands of the same on-the-job hazards, any one of which could result in a fatality or severe injury.”

Viewed through a transportation lens, OSHA’s assertion is pretty spot on—the causes of accidents and fatalities in transportation remain largely the same on an annual basis, and they’re almost always related to driver behavior. From stopping distances to changing lanes, from backing up to the most prolific one in modern times, distracted driving, many of the most common citations and/or accidents can be avoided when drivers are properly trained and understand the current rules and regulations.

Which is exactly why NBIS developed its proactive Online Driver Training program. The curriculum for this unique resource was developed in alignment with a comprehensive understanding of the most notorious transportation accident-causation factors. Each course takes around 15 minutes to complete and concludes with a test. Available 24/7, the system provides full tracking and reporting, which will allow you to protect your company and show that you have continued to train your employees. The program is also fully customizable to the type of vehicle your employees will drive. And perhaps best of all? The program is defensible in court in any situation where a claim arises.

To that end, if a driver is involved in an over-the-road claim and has successfully completed all five of our online driver training classes, the company qualifies for a deductible discount.

So, while a work reduction, and the quarantining to go along with it, may have you and your workforce in a bit of a holding pattern, there’s no better time than now to keep your employees focused on safety, education, and the health of both themselves, the general public, and the company.

As things get back to normal, transportation companies want to know that they can hit the road when the time comes without missing a beat—along with the added confidence that their drivers are up to speed and appropriately invested in operational safety.

While it’s true that accident-causation factors may stay the same year over year, it’s also true that training and educating continues to be one of the best responses we can have. Now more than ever, keep your workforce ready.

Don’t wait to train.