Hundreds of Safety & Training Topics at Your Fingertips

Hundreds of Safety & Training Topics at Your Fingertips

The NBIS Risk Management Support System (RMSS) comprises an arsenal of tools designed to make you a better trained, better prepared, significantly safer company.

At its core, the RMSS is a comprehensive assortment of insurance risk-management resources that policyholders can use to take proactive steps in managing risk more effectively, reduce future insurance costs, and run more profitable business. This differentiated approach was developed by industry experts with extensive experience in litigation, claims management, and safety & regulatory controls in the crane, rigging, and specialized transport industries.

Presented as a unique online platform where NBIS insureds can access a comprehensive suite of risk-management resources, RMSS users enjoy single sign-in access to risk-management tools specific to the heavy construction industry. The RMSS also includes access to a wide variety of NBIS Exclusive Service programs and partnerships—one of which is the Safety and Health Learning Library.

That said, did you know that this library contains 194 training topics, 142 of which are offered in Spanish? Among myriad topics, headlines include: Accident Investigation; DOT Cargo Securement; Slips, Trips, and Falls in Construction Environments; and Personal Protective Equipment in Construction Environments.

As an NBIS policyholder, you and your employees can drill down into any of these topics—anytime, anywhere.

Nothing Compares

At the end of the day, the right safety culture starts with training—and having a safety program that you know and follow is good, but not good enough. You also need people who buy into the safety mindset. People well-versed in OSHA regulations, workplace safety issues, and rigging safety.

To that end, online safety training is a proven catalyst in promoting a true safety culture. And with the RMSS, it’s an inexpensive way to offer your employees access to hundreds of 40-50-minute safety training titles with 24/7 accessibility from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Add in the detailed tracking and reporting capabilities, and you’ll find that nearly nothing else on the market today compares.  

The RMSS is the power behind your NBIS policy, allowing you to more effectively understand and implement contractual risk transfer, responsibilities and requirements delineation, regulations and compliance, and procedures and presentations designed to support your risk department.

Take a look at our Safety and Health Learning Library today, and experience a program developed precisely to fit your needs and make you better—from the board room to boots on the ground, and everywhere in between.