NBIS Dash Camera Discount Program through FalconEye Electronics

NBIS Dash Camera Discount Program through FalconEye Electronics

If you manage or maintain a fleet, you probably already know about the importance of dashboard cameras. They are becoming ubiquitous, and with good reason – installing dash cams is a clear sign that you are serious about fleet safety. Did you know that NBIS offers a deductible incentive for completing our driver training program and having cameras and/or a telematics system?

NBIS is now making it even easier for you to equip your fleet with the most up-to-date dash cams on the market. We have partnered with FalconEye Electronics to offer NBIS insureds significant discounts on over a dozen different state-of-the-art FalconEye dash cams. 

Texas-based FalconEye Electronics knows fleet management. Their team members have over 40 years of combined experience in the trucking industry, and they design their products with drivers in mind. They offer a wide range of easy-to-install dash cams as well as online technical support. NBIS members can also get exclusive discounts on FalconEye cameras and equipment.

If you’re still on the fence about installing dash cams in your fleet, consider what dash cams can do for you:

  1. Reduce false claims
  2. Incentivize safe driving
  3. Improve driver training
  4. Expedite insurance claims
  5. Protect your drivers

To learn more about this discount program and receive a free estimate, contact your NBIS representative today. Call NBIS Risk Management at 877-860-RMSS (7677) or email RiskManagement@nbis.com.