Your Insurance is Only as Good as the System Supporting It

Your Insurance is Only as Good as the System Supporting It

Not always high on a crane, rigging, or transport company’s fun-things-to-do list, we recognize that securing insurance can be time-consuming, expensive, and often confusing.

But that’s where a good agent, and a good insurer, comes in. They should not only understand the nuances of insurance, but the nuances of both your business and the industry you operate within. 

They should also be able to advise you on critical items like OSHA rules and regulations, as well as ASME standards. Additionally, they will incorporate those rules, regulations, and standards into their contracts in order to develop meaningful risk-transfer tools.

That said, experience matters. A lot. Not only should your insurer be actively engaged in claims strategy, litigation management, and any sort of contract-redrafting that needs to occur, they should be committed to your relationship. Credibility, industry network, depth of knowledge, attention to detail—all of these value metrics should be in place when you choose your insurer. But beyond that even, what risk solutions do they provide you—i.e., how are they making you better? 

Take the NBIS Risk Management Support System (RMSS) for example—a toolkit included with every NBIS policy designed to make you a better trained, better prepared, and significantly safer company.
At its core, our RMSS is a comprehensive assortment of risk-management resources that policyholders can use to take proactive steps in managing risk more effectively, reduce future insurance costs, and run a more profitable business. This differentiated approach was developed by industry experts with extensive experience in litigation, claims management, and safety & regulatory controls in the crane, rigging, and specialized transport industries.

And there are no shortage of advantages to using our RMSS, including: understanding contractual risk transfer as well as responsibilities and requirements delineation; learning about regulations and compliance; claim reporting made easy; access to comprehensive case studies; and available procedures and presentations to support your risk department.

Further highlights include: a Subcontractor Review Manual, an OSHA Regulation Compendium, a customizable Employee Safety Handbook, targeted safety training, ASME B30.5, B30.27 industry standards of care, and training documents and presentations.

Driver Training

An additional way that NBIS is committed to making you better comes in the way of our Online Heavy Haul Trucking Training. 

Using proprietary claims data, we’ve developed one of the most comprehensive online driver training programs available today—designed by some of the country’s foremost transportation experts.

Moreover, the NBIS Online Driver Training Module is specifically formulated for drivers operating mobile cranes, heavy haul tractors, and concrete pump trucks—ultimately comprising a complete program that targets the most common high-risk driving situations and behaviors, and identifies practical ways to deal with and avoid them.

Courses include: Stopping Distance, Changing Lanes, Backing Up, Distracted Driving, and Introduction to CSA.

And like all NBIS risk solutions, the benefits are numerous: the training system is available 24/7, takes 15 minutes to complete, provides full tracking and reporting for your records, trains your employees to be aware of the hazards associated with their vehicle, and is customized to the type of vehicle your employees will drive.

At the end of the day, how your business prepares for the challenges of the ever-changing industries we work within will set the tone and course for your own success, and often those around you. Training is a key piece to this success—and the more the better.

To that end, last month, NBIS’s Tyrone Silva and Keith Adolf hosted a webinar on the importance of training in order to mitigate risk where they discuss the practical steps companies should be considering as they prepare to embrace a new generation of operators, ever-advancing technology, and a growing litigation climate.

Access the webinar right here, and see how we continue to design our entire approach to insurance around seeing the industry through our customers’ eyes.  

There’s simply no other insurance provider that knows crane, rigging, specialized transportation, and concrete pumping as well as we do. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to NBIS today to see what our risk-management solutions can do for you.