The Agent You Choose Matters. A Lot.

The Agent You Choose Matters. A Lot.

Between coverage choices, terms and conditions, claims scenarios, contracts, loss control, and risk-management efforts, there’s a lot to think about for any construction and/or heavy-haul company trying to choose an insurance provider. 

All the more reason construction and transport companies should look for an agent who understands the industry as an industry, and not simply from an insurance standpoint.

And especially in the heavy construction universe, every company, every situation, every
need is different. Businesses are located in different parts of the country and companies work on different types of jobs. A good agent knows this, and they also know exactly how each one of these factors affects your business—and ultimately, your insurance needs, which almost certainly involve contracts.

Moreover, the right agent aligns your business with an insurer who not only addresses risk, but manages it. Who understands that such an approach is a proactive, practical, and proven method of reducing risk. And at NBIS, it’s a differentiated approach that was developed by industry experts and honed year after year. Not a one-size-fits-all, but a this-size-fits-you.

With that in mind, we look at crane & rigging insurance as the backbone of our business. We also don’t just offer insurance; we offer a new way of thinking about your risk. Our battle-tested, risk-management-focused approach to delivering insurance products is designed to set our policyholders up for success from day one—providing guidance on contract terms and conditions, or educating you on the latest changes to ASME, ANSI, or OSHA standards and regulations.

And it goes without saying; a quality, focused risk-control approach will increase profitability, modify behavior, improve CSA scores, dial in compliance, and allow you to continuously train and document. 

Uniquely Qualified

Be it crane and rigging, specialized transportation, concrete pumping, or equipment dealers, a good agent should also be in the relationship business, cultivating a network over time and through experience.

That said, experienced agents—those who’ve been around a while and have done business with other companies like yours—will possess a high level of credibility with market partners so that when they submit your information for renewal, the underwriter receives a meticulously prepared file that’s ready to quote competitively.

After all, you can’t teach experience. Companies should be looking for an agent that has extensive references within their particular niche—a crane broker, for example, who can dissect the actual scope of work that you’re performing onsite while using the standards and rules that apply to the parties on the job to transfer risk accordingly. Or a broker versed in OS/OW, multi-dimensional, or large-capacity cargo, who can guide you through a program that best fits the scope and scale of the project, and the equipment being used, as well as the coverage types and limits—to keep you moving across all 50 states. 

It’s also important to know that the agent you choose is prepared to answer any questions that arise during the insurance-buying process—and equally important that he/she can properly and strategically advise you through any claims scenarios that may occur.

The right agent will utilize their knowledge and experience to work with your carrier—via a network of industry specialists—to leverage the best result for your business. They will also assure that any engineers, adjusters, and lawyers working on your claims are well-versed in the industry, and working in tandem for your benefit. 

Ultimately, while there is indeed a lot to think about when buying insurance, working with the right agent undoubtedly gives insurance buyers control of their total cost of risk, both now and in the future.

Further still, finding an agent who has actually worked in your industry—and who understands your needs on a holistic level—allows you access to much more than an insurance provider. It represents a partnership with people uniquely qualified to handle your business, backed by an organization specifically designed to foster your success.