NBIS RMSS Partners: the Power Behind Your Policy
Fleet Management, ITI

NBIS RMSS Partners: the Power Behind Your Policy

            NBIS recently launched our new RMSS portal, a one-of-a-kind interactive risk management resource powered by our extensive industry experience. The RMSS, or Risk Management Support System, is a proprietary online portal included with all NBIS policies. It’s a comprehensive assortment of tools that you can use to take proactive steps towards managing risk more effectively, resulting in a more profitable business. Now that the RMSS has gone completely digital, NBIS insureds can easily and quickly access a wide variety of resources, all in one place. That means it’s easier than ever before to strengthen your safety culture and manage risk.

            Among the many benefits of the RMSS, one element stands out: our partnerships with leading training and software providers ITI and Fleet Cost & Care. These partnerships offer NBIS insureds exclusive access to preferred pricing and are accessible from within the RMSS portal for ease of use.

            ITI, or Industrial Training International, is a leading provider of training solutions for the crane, rigging, lift planning, and load handling industries. Our partnership with ITI helps us expand our ability to provide our customers with invaluable educational resources. NBIS insureds receive significant discounts on premium ITI content, such as virtual training, online learning, and in-person courses in rigging, lift planning, rigging engineering, heavy equipment, and specialized transport. Along with this, insureds get no-cost access to hundreds of ITI learning titles through the RMSS portal. Learn more about our ITI partnership and how to access these benefits here.

            In addition to offering outstanding training solutions through our partnership with ITI, NBIS has partnered with Fleet Cost & Care to bring fleet management solutions to our insureds in a cost-effective, simple way. FCC is an industry leader when it comes to fleet management software. These software solutions can help you streamline maintenance, reducing equipment wear and tear. And with improved access to records, insured can help ensure their operators are getting their work tickets signed in a timely manner, providing solid defense in the event of a claim. Additionally, NBIS insureds receive FCC preferred pricing incentives to provide savings on various value-added services. Learn more about how our FCC partnership benefits you here.

            If you haven’t yet activated your RMSS account, it’s an easy and simple process. Click here to activate. Don’t wait on getting signed up to access the FCC and ITI benefits as well as the myriad other opportunities to improve your risk profile.