Spotlight on Jeanette Wilson

Spotlight on Jeanette Wilson

Another week, another #TeamTuesday! For this installment, we’re spotlighting Casualty Underwriting Assistant Manager Jeanette Wilson.

Jeanette started at NBIS nearly six years ago as an Underwriter. She moved up to Senior Underwriter before joining our underwriting management team as a Casualty Underwriting Manager.

As part of our ongoing effort to highlight the people that make NBIS a true team of Industry Defenders, we chatted with Jeanette and asked her a few questions about what drives her exceptional work for NBIS.

What’s your favorite thing about working at NBIS? 

There are so many things about NBIS that stand out to me as favorites, starting with the company’s clear vision. The way we all share the same vision and are dedicated to the same goal, top-down and across-the-board, drives the collaboration and teamwork here at NBIS. It has led to monumental growth for the company and has given me—and so many others at NBIS—the opportunity to excel and grow professionally and personally.

We are a powerhouse of this industry—and it isn’t by chance. Our program managers’ collective industry knowledge and experience are second-to-none. The access and insight they consistently provide for the underwriting team is priceless, and it speaks volumes to the level of collaboration and teamwork and one-accord mentality at NBIS.

What’s the most challenging part of your job? The most inspiring?

Our various markets, range of products, and lines of coverage are both challenging and inspiring. The challenge lies in aligning critical thinking with actionable strategies. When our customers and agency partners successfully place business with NBIS, it can be inspiring and quite rewarding—especially when particularly complicated risks are involved.

How did you come to be working in the specialty insurance industry?

NBIS had everything I was looking for. I was looking for an opportunity in a niche market where I could hone expertise, and I sought a smaller company with a great culture where I could stand out and make a difference.

When Jason Baynard introduced me to NBIS, his enthusiasm piqued my interest. What really sold me were the specialty programs, competitive advantage, company culture, risk management expertise and accessibility, and the “big company” feel in a smaller company.

What’s a fun fact about you, or something you like to do when you aren’t working?

I have always been a creative type, so in my spare time, I do a little bit of acting. Nothing major; just small, fun parts. It’s a great creative outlet.

What are some favorite NBIS moments from your time at the company?

Receiving the email detailing the establishment of the Mary Smith Award of Excellence. I thought it was such a phenomenal way to honor and recognize a wonderful NBIS associate who passed away unexpectedly and keep her contributions to NBIS in our hearts and minds. It was so thoughtful and spoke to the familial culture of NBIS—I was quietly blown away.