Team Spotlight – Art Kirkner, VP of Claims

Team Spotlight – Art Kirkner, VP of Claims

This week we want to spotlight Art Kirkner, our VP of Claims. Art joined the NBIS team as VP of Claims in June 2013. In addition to being regularly inspired by our people and our mission, he loves working in the Claims department at NBIS, calling it the most inspiring element of his job. 

“Claims has always inspired me because of the nobility with what we do. We are called upon to protect our clients to the best of our skill and talents and to do so quickly. Our success stories, where the Claims team is able to transfer the exposure to another carrier under our NBIS preferred rental agreement, never fails to inspire myself and my team to do their very best for our clients.”

Art’s passion for Claims stems from his appreciation for high-risk opportunities, calling them “unique, intellectually stimulating challenges that test our creativity and resolve to achieve the best result for the customer.”

Over the years, Art has accumulated what he thinks are many favorite NBIS moments. The first is when Bill Tepe asked him to join the NBIS team, so that they’d be working together again. 

“Another favorite NBIS memory or moment is when Jim Jinhong rebuilt the Tower Group Companies market so soon after they went into liquidation. It’s really a gift to be continually impressed by your colleagues’ skills and knowledge,” Art said.

He also remembers sleeping on chairs in NBIS’ Atlanta reception during a 2014 ice storm that made the roads impassable. 

“At the end of the day, NBIS’ mission keeps me inspired and motivated day in and day out. The challenges our partners face are never ending, but I truly think the NBIS team does a great job of assisting with claims in a way that no other company does.”

When he isn’t working hard at Claims, Art enjoys golf and swimming. His absolute favorite pastime lately has been watching his grandson Luca go from crawling to walking. 

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