Concrete Pump Inspections
Concrete Pumping

Concrete Pump Inspections

The importance of a comprehensive inspection program cannot be understated. Regular inspections of your equipment not only help prevent untimely breakdowns and loss of revenue, but can also reveal issues which could lead to a large incident and costly insurance claim.

Types of Inspections

There are two common categories of inspections, frequent and periodic. Frequent inspections are performed on a daily to monthly basis, and are mostly done via visual inspection. Frequent inspections can often be performed in conjunction with daily USDOT pre/post trip inspections. These inspections consistently prove vital in identifying hazards, such as dents and signs of cracks, prior to a catastrophic failure which could lead to an incident that results in major property damage and/or loss of life. The inspections can last minutes to hours depending on the requirements of your company’s inspections procedures and protocols. Companies often set hours of operation intervals on the machine which trigger certain levels of inspection. Frequent inspections are to be performed by a designated person, for daily or weekly inspections this is most often the operator, monthly inspections which usually take more time and detail are most often performed by a mechanic or technician.

Periodic inspections are done at set intervals and must be performed by a qualified person (Certified Boom Inspector/Welder). The periodic inspection intervals for concrete pump trucks and placing booms per ASME B03.27 are as follows:

  • First 5 years – every 2,000 working hours or, at least once per year, whichever occurs first
  • 5 through 10 years – every 1,000 working hours or, at least once per year, whichever occurs first
  • 10 years and older – every 500 working hours or, at least once per year, whichever occurs first

For periodic inspections the machine or placing boom will be required to be out of service during the inspection, a few hours to a full day depending on the size and condition of the machine. This inspection is very detailed and in-depth focusing on the boom and structural components of the machine. A periodic inspection is required to be performed by a qualified person in order to be compliant with the current ASME standard. For information on how to identify and contact a Certified Boom Inspector in your area, contact the ACPA or your pump manufacturer(s). #ACPAConcretePumpers #NBIS