Part 4: Become Less Risky
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Part 4: Become Less Risky

Keep up with Technology

Over the years, we have seen a number of advancements in technology, from computers in cranes (LMIs) to data recorders (black box) in vehicles. The information contained in these devices is ever evolving—and also discoverable. Think of the short list of technologies mandated for use already:

  • ELD
  • LMI
  • In-Cab Cameras (state based or insurance required)

Recently, NBIS has developed several relationships with companies that offer cameras outside the cab and down the truck to record incidents and help determine liability (passive management). Additionally, we have a program that takes the data in the recorder and uses it to understand driver behavior so you can coach your drivers to avoid bad driving habits leading up to an accident (preventive management). We also partner with a product that alerts the driver if they drift the lane or follow to close to the vehicle in front (preventive management) called NBIS Fleet Insight.

In conclusion, while many of the factors that go into pricing an insurance policy are indeed outside the realm of control of the policyholder, making sure your contracts, risk management and training initiatives, available technology that aids you in managing risk and claims response plans are in order are four areas where you can make immediate improvements, and help ensure you enjoy favorable pricing.

Rest assured, technology is always changing – but isn’t going anywhere. Stay up to date with the changes or partner with an Insurance Company that will do the keeping up for you. NBIS Policyholders receive many of the benefits in this four part series FREE as part of their Insured Benefit. Not an NBIS Customer? Contact your agent and ask for an NBIS quote. #NBIS #BetterInsurance