NBIS and the Blueprint for Strong Agency, Broker, Client Relationships

NBIS and the Blueprint for Strong Agency, Broker, Client Relationships

At NBIS, part of our mission is to assist agents and brokers in understanding the specific challenges of the heavy construction industry while helping them effectively communicate with potential clients about those challenges.

With better expertise and solid strategies around communicating with their clients, agents and brokers can provide more robust coverage and support, ultimately strengthening each of our positions in the market. 


Clients and NBIS: Tailored Risk Approaches

For clients, the key concern is knowing they have effective protection and a real partner once their insurance policy takes effect. 

Recognizing that the needs of small and large clients differ significantly, NBIS steps in to help tailor loss-control initiatives to each client's unique situation. We understand that in the realm of risk management, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work.

Smaller clients, often constrained by limited resources and time, may not be able to implement intricate safety measures. Some clients may want to use telematics across their fleet but lack the resources to effectively utilize the additional data. This is where we can help. Our Driver Insights program simplifies fleet telematics data into an easy-to-use interface, allowing managers to identify trends and harness analytics effortlessly.

However, our approach isn't solely reliant on technology solutions; simplicity can be equally effective. Consider the case of providing a new safety manual to policyholders. NBIS offers concise safety manuals tailored specifically to a company's operations, delivering protection without unnecessary liabilities.

From straightforward solutions to complex, data-driven strategies, our team possesses the expertise needed to navigate the industry's intricacies and inherent risks. 

By working closely with agents and brokers, we create a robust protective network for companies, reaffirming our steadfast commitment to excellence.