The Importance of Documented Safety Training

The Importance of Documented Safety Training

By Anne M. Butler – NBIS Risk Management

In today’s litigious society, simply saying your company provides training is no longer good enough.  Keeping track of training records can be time consuming and hard to manage.  What happens if that training is not documented or training records are not easily accessible?

Should your company be involved in an Incident or Accident that ends up in litigation, one of the first things you will be asked for, by opposing Counsel, will be your company’s safety training policies and records of completed training.  

In his article, Reptile Theory Defense: Back to the Basics (July 2022) Tyrone Silva, AVP NBIS Risk Management notes, “There has been a lot of buzz around the crane, rigging, specialized hauling, and concrete-pump industries regarding counter strategies to combat the now-coined “Reptile Theory”a tactic the plaintiffs’ bar has aggressively employed to methodically attack the safety performance of companies. Their hope is that by strategically targeting a company’s safety performance—as well as hiring practices they deem deficient—they will then incite fear within jurors, thereby eliciting emotional responses that could ultimately lead to multi-million-dollar verdicts.”

How does your company effectively provide and document industry relatable training to your employee base? NBIS Policyholders, as part of their policy benefits during the effective term, have access to the RMSS Insured Portal which houses hundreds of training topics for field and workplace safety and health hazards.  The system also hosts a full LMS system allowing tracking and documentation of the training taken by employees.  The training the employee completes, is compiled into a Transcript that can be printed or downloaded at any time making it both easy to document training as well as access records of completed training at any time. 

NBIS Online Driver Training, for Mobile Cranes, Concrete Pump Trucks and Heavy Haul/Tractor Trailers is an additional benefit provided to active NBIS policyholders rounding out a full suite of online training solutions your employees can access anywhere they have an internet connection.

Now more than ever regardless if you are an Owner/Operator or employ hundreds of workers, it is critical you create a safety culture, requiring an on-going documented safety & health training, for the benefit of your employees safety and your company’s bottom line.