NBIS, Agents & Brokers, and Insureds

NBIS, Agents & Brokers, and Insureds

By Carlos Garbiras, Director of Business Development, NBIS

I love insurance. As a former heavy construction professional, I’ve experienced firsthand how essential a strong policy is to business growth and development. Companies can thrive with quality coverage and resources from the right company.

That’s why I fully believe in NBIS. We’ve spent over two decades developing our product specifically for heavy construction and specialized transportation clients, and building the resources they need by staffing ourselves with seasoned industry professionals.

The relationship between NBIS, agents & brokers, and clients is truly a virtuous cycle: With our in-depth industry experience, we can provide agents & brokers with the resources to properly insure their clients, who in turn can rely on our resources to cover and protect.

Agents & Brokers and Clients: In-Depth Knowledge and Fostering Relationships

With a well-developed product to boast, NBIS has built a business development team of seasoned professionals with years of industry experience — myself included. We’re here to help agents & brokers speak the language of heavy construction and provide the insight that will resonate with potential clients.

I want to help foster quality agent-client relationships. Our Business Development team will help agents & brokers build their industry knowledge so they can present coverage proposals with confidence.

By helping agents & brokers achieve confidence within the industry, we help ourselves. Agents & brokers will be better equipped to cover and protect clients, helping us foster and support relationships with insureds. And our risk management professionals, who share the same on-site experience as insureds, serve as points-of-contact who can talk shop, discuss contracts, and make recommendations toward improving safety culture.

Clients and NBIS: Risk Strategies

On the other hand, clients want to know that they’ll be protected once their policy goes into effect. From small businesses to larger companies, NBIS tailor-fits risk management strategies. We begin with our contracts, helping ensure clients are covered with the right language to build a strong, protective foundation to cover on-site activities.

Small clients’ needs are vastly different from large companies’. That’s where NBIS comes in — we can help your client implement loss control initiatives, from kick-off to launch and beyond. As industry professionals, we know that in risk management, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all.

Smaller clients might not have the staff or time to spend implementing detailed safety measures. For example, some clients might want to protect themselves by applying telematics across their fleet, but don’t have the resources to properly utilize all the additional data. Our Driver Insights program offers fleet telematics data in an easy-to-use interface that helps managers identify trends and benefit from analytics.

Not all of our risk strategies are high-tech, because not all situations require technology investments. Some are as simple as providing a new safety manual. Smaller companies may feel protected by large state and national safety manuals, but often, there are more regulations than needed, making clients vulnerable to possible litigation. NBIS provides a smaller safety manual specific to your company’s functions that will protect you without unnecessary liability.

From simple to complex, data-rich solutions, our team knows the culture and the dangers involved, and together with agents & brokers, we can cover and protect companies with our virtuous cycle.