NBIS Announces Partnership with Fleet Cost & Care

NBIS Announces Partnership with Fleet Cost & Care

NBIS is excited to announce our new partnership with Fleet Cost & Care (FCC), an industry leader in fleet management software. Through this partnership, we’re able to expand our Risk Management solutions to better serve insureds.

NBIS and FCC share the drive to provide added advantages to companies in crane, rigging, and specialized transportation. By combining resources, we can more safely and effectively support NBIS insureds and expand our program benefits.

A Natural Fit with Added Benefits

FCC’s software capabilities will enhance our coverage with a number of benefits for our insureds, including:

  • Efficient maintenance and equipment record management
  • Improved contract management and risk transfer protection
  • Job ticket and maintenance schedule reporting

These software solutions can help you streamline maintenance, reducing equipment wear and tear. And with improved access to records, insureds can help ensure their operators are getting their work tickets signed in a timely manner, providing solid defense in the event of a claim.

Additionally, NBIS insureds receive an FCC preferred pricing incentive to provide savings on various value-added services.

Moving Forward with Stronger Protection

Altogether, this partnership is another step towards stronger protection and better service—and we couldn’t be more excited.

“We have partnered with Fleet Cost & Care to use both our collective platforms and continue to educate and provide solutions to the management and owners of the companies we insure,” NBIS President Bill Tepe said of the partnership. “Our companies will work together to move our industries forward and provide better protection, a safer workplace and reduced incidents for those that choose to engage in the process.”

To learn more, email RiskManagement@www.nbis.com or call 870.866.RMSS.